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After breeding and shipping geckos for several years, we were puzzled as to how archaic the method was. It was 2009 and using the airlines to transport reptiles, amphibians and inverts were the only option. That process was complicated and inconvenient as both the shipper and receiver had to travel to the airport and back. Dropping off live cargo was also a lengthy process as your turn needed to come up in line and then to go through security screening. This option also didn’t provide real-time tracking for either party.

We set out on a mission to come up with a new and innovative solution – shipping via courier services. However, this became a monumental task with a lot of red tape and many rejections by all the big named carriers (FedEx/UPS/Purolator).

We therefore started to make calls to smaller carriers and one of them decided to take us on. Their rates were on the higher side and still didn’t provide real-time tracking, but they did offer door to door service. This in itself was a FIRST ever for Canada.

After 2-3 years going through this method, and our volumes greatly improving, we decided to reach out to the big carriers again. This time, they didn’t want to turn us away due to the more appealing volume. We all went into negotiations and contract signing that lasted 3-4 months for the main parts but all in all, it took a full year to work out the kinks both logistically and with the contract.

The end result from that enormous task, was that happy day, when everything was set up and shipping reptiles via FedEx / UPS was now a thing and we had pioneered it.

From that day, reptile enthusiasts have been shipping and receiving reptile shipments in far greater frequency, volume and reliability than ever before. The task of having quality shipping products also became much easier, as we created a high quality line of products that ship right away from our office.

Great growth for the community

It’s now 2021, and we’re seeing record shipments happening. Millions of dollars in animal sales & trade are flowing through our community both here in Canada and other parts of the world, thanks to our far reaching global service areas.

Through our vast global network of import/export agents, it no longer is difficult to acquire that special animal from across the pond or borders. Our clients don’t have to worry about the ‘red tape’, as we will handle it all.

The industry is growing faster than ever with the e-commerce boom. We’d be happy to help to take care of the logistics so that you can concentrate on growing your business!

We look forward to working with you!

The Team

Sam Fard

Founder & Head of North America & Asia Logistics

Sam has been involved in the reptile industry since 2001 when he started off as a collector, turned breeder, turned reptile specialty store owner, to present day – reptile & aquatics logistics provider. In 2009, he joined his two ultimate passions together – animals and logistics to start off his new venture, Reptile Express and he hasn’t looked back since. Sam continues to bring new ideas to the table year after year, including pioneering Canada's door to door service of reptiles, international imports & exports and his newest service - reptile courier service within SW Ontario & surrounding areas. His goal has always been to make the whole logistics process easier for avid collectors and breeders around the globe. There’s much to be excited about in the near future as Reptile Express continues to grow with the help of their exceptional clients. When clients use their services, they are also investing in the future of live logistics, as Reptile Express constantly puts money back into their business to offer new options to constantly be up to date with today’s times.

Ashley Dezan

Head of European Logistics

Ashley has been involved in the hobby since she was 13yrs old, keeping a large variety of reptiles. Her passion has always been rear-fanged colubrids. She started arranging imports from Europe in 2015. Sam would see her posting online and quickly noticed how knowledgeable she was with regards to a vast variety of species, as well as knowing their scientific names off by heart! Truly impressive. Sam reached out to her in 2017 to collaborate together as bringing both mindsets together would make the process much smoother with a faster potential of growth. Not even a year later, with this great new collaboration, Ashley's Europe orders had grown tremendously and she started her company - Northern Lights Reptile Imports. This year (2020) she had her busiest year yet with more frequent EU to Canada & USA imports than any other service provider. Reptile Express assists her with the logistics of transporting the animals that come in to her Canadian and American clients. It's been an excellent partnership and our customers on all sides are very happy and place repeat orders. We can't wait to see an even greater growth next year. From 2017-2020, Ashley also helped to pack and ship all the shipping supplies to our clients with terrific attention to detail. This role was passed on to Sarah in late 2020 :)

Ashley Tam

Head of Marketing

Ashley’s been the graphic and promotional mastermind behind Reptile Express and even prior, when we ran Reptile Kings. We’ve had the pleasure of working with her on dozens of different projects for 15 incredible years. There’s nothing she can’t do and is always up for any challenges we bring her. She’s an enormous part of Reptile Express and helps keep our image professional and clean. The talent she brings to the table is mind blowing. All of our websites (we've gone through a half dozen already lol) have been designed and created by her, including our mobile app that's available on iOS/Android. She also designed the automated emails sent out to our clients when they book shipments online. Thank you so much, Ashley! You're so integral to our company!

Nick Fard

Accounting Specialist & Operations Consultant

As you may have guessed, Nick is Sam’s younger brother :) In his role as the accounting specialist, he helps manage all forms of financial accounts, while keeping accurate records of both accounts receivables and payables. In 2020 he also took on an increased role in operations due to a large increase in shipping volumes and demand. He has helped business productivity and efficiency by providing quick, professional and accurate replies to our clients. Nick has seen the company grow over the years and his excitement and enthusiasm is that positive vibe that we are very much drawn to. Nick is a recipient of an Ontario College Diploma in Accounting, a recent Honours Bachelor of Arts graduate from the University of Toronto and is going to pursue a Masters of Marketing at the Schulich School of Business in 2021. Thank you so much, Nick! We value you so much!

Sarah Miller

Customer Service Extraordinaire

Sarah has been breeding ball pythons for many years and has recently got into Rhino Rat snakes and Tree Boas. We have known her for many years and towards the end of 2020 we brought her onboard due to a large increase in shipping volumes with the e-commerce boom due to the pandemic. She has been a very quick learner, accurate in data entry and provides exceptional and courteous customer service to our valued clients. She comes in every day with a big smile on and eager to get to work. She has such a passion in her role here and we couldn't be happier with her. We look forward to working with you for many years and seeing you grow within our company, Sarah!

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