Aquatics Express

Whether you’re shipping fish, fully aquatic frogs, and/or turtles we can now take care of your requests!

Our custom Shipping Kits are perfectly suited not only for reptiles but for aquatic shipments as well.

We can provide you with the poly bags for your shipments as well. They are 2mil bags (thickness size), as well as have an EVA additive that prevents any sort of leakage!

Trust us, we’ve tested it out, and these bags won’t burst! We’ve shook them, dropped them, flung them around, and they were still intact!

We were very picky which bags we used.

We can service aquatic shipments throughout the year as well! (Excluding holidays).

Here are a few of many aquatic orders we’ve already sent out!


Aquatics Express is simply a new division of Reptile Express operating under its umbrella. However all rules/procedures/supply and shipping prices as well as everything else listed on this site are all interchangeable between the two divisions.

You can reach us at the same contact information listed on this site.

Please view our terms page to be familiar with our policies. The same policies for reptiles apply to aquatic shipments as well.