Canada Wide Pickups

Did you know that Reptile Express’ service areas are MUCH larger than what Air Canada Cargo or West Jet offer? Our clients are not bound to pickup or drop off packages at the airports. We’ve also increased our areas to not only include major urban locations…we now service SEVERAL rural locations throughout Canada as our service continues to grow!

Residents nationwide are able to have a driver pick up at their door to ship their reptile(s) to their customers door the following day, throughout many Canadian locations!

We are however unable to offer flat rate fees with this type of service due to us using 4 carriers, and each carrier specializes in different regions nationwide, and offer different rates.

We don’t require a mandatory account setup.

Using our custom kits are mandatory in order to use our service, as they have passed testing through the carriers that we use. No exceptions.

To receive a quote please provide us with the following information


Full Name
Company Name (if it’s a commercial location)
Full Address
Telephone Number
Email Address (to receive real-time tracking updates)


Full Name
Company Name (if it’s a commercial location)
Full Address
Telephone Number
Email Address (to receive real-time tracking updates)

Please let us know what reptile(s) you’re shipping, how many and what their sizes are so that we can pick out a suitable shipping kit for you. This kit will be shipped to you via UPS/Loomis/Purolator.

Once we have this info, we’ll then be able to let you know if we service both areas. If we do, we’ll give you a shipping quote right away.

You would then proceed to the next steps:

Once the shipping kitUPS/Loomis/Purolator shipping fee (to ship the box to you. Doesn’t apply if you already have the supplies), as well as the Reptile Express fee to pick up and deliver your live animal package(s) have been paid for, we’ll go ahead and ship out your kit.

Once your kit has arrived, email us. At that time we’ll book a firm driver pickup date/time. We will take care of all the shipping paperwork, as well as arranging for the driver to come by your residence/commercial unit.

Pickup days are Mondays to Wednesdays ONLY between the hours of 2 – 5pm. Some carriers require pickup time to be between 9am-5pm. We will let you know if this is the case before hand.

Make sure to watch our video tutorial on how to properly package reptiles for shipping if you’re not sure on how to do so.

Keep in mind that we do not offer our Live Arrival Guarantee with this service as we’re not packing the shipment(s) ourselves.

Once everything is booked, you will receive your pre-paid shipping label (that we’ve already filled out for you in order to help avoid any possible errors), and packing instructions via email the evening prior to your ship date. Access to a printer will be necessary. Reptile Express is not responsible for any written paperwork the shipper does, or any errors or charges that may come out of it. This is why we fill out the information on your waybill, to avoid any mistakes. Any charges or fees that come out of an error from filling out a bill of lading will be charged to the recipient. So please help avoid this.


Please make sure to check out our Terms page for all our company policies and procedures.