Combine shipping with one box

Did you Know?: That the quotes we provide aren’t based on the number of animals involved, but the box size? This is super beneficial as you can have as many reptiles in a box as long as they comfortably fit, and all for the same shipping price!
For Example: You can ship 4-6 ball pythons around 200gr/each all into Kit#1 (12x9x6″) and for the same shipping price as if you paid to ship only 1 baby ball python.
Our shopping cart page describes how many deli cups or cloth bags can fit into each of our kits. This is a great tool to use! Up-sell more animals to your clients by letting them know that the shipping price wouldn’t change.

Shipping Tip: You can fit more animals into a box when cloth bags are used as they take up much less space than deli containers.