Non-CITES: HAMM Germany to Canada

Prohibited Animals for Importation through Reptile Express: *ESA listed species;
*INJ (injurious wildlife):
*Venomous animals
Some animals that fall under Non-CITES listed, which are permitted for importation:
*Leopard/Crested/Fat-Tailed/Knob Tailed Geckos; Bearded Dragons; Corn/Rat Snakes/Western Hognose Snakes (most colubrids); Several species of frogs such as Horned Frogs, Vietnamese Mossy Frog etc


Base Import Fee for Consolidated Group Orders!
Europe to Canada Import Fee Fee to have Reptile Express: co-ordinate the import between seller & buyer; comply by European export laws; double check to make sure extra paperwork such as health certificates are not required; air freight bill to Toronto; Filling out B3 Form at Canada Customs and clearing shipment. 1 Animal = $100

2 Animals = $175

3 Animals = $225

4+ Animals = INQUIRE

(Pricing based on animal(s) no greater than 200gr/ea. For animals over this weight, please contact for pricing)

Canada Customs Tax 5% GST on the total declared value paid to Canada Customs upon shipment clearance (after currency conversion);
Canadian Shipping Fee You can pick up in Toronto/GTA for FREE (no additional Canadian shipping fee) on day of import. Or if you are not local we can ship to your door for a small fee Shipping within Ontario/Quebec: $80-100

Shipping to all other provinces: $100-150

Import Dates and Terms Imports happen a few days after the:

March 2017 HAMM Show –

September 2017 HAMM Show – Taking reservations now! Contact us today! (Update: Minimum has been reached and this date is firm)

December 2017 HAMM Show – Taking reservations now! Contact us today!

This sale applies when Reptile Express imports a minimum of 7 adult sized animals or 14 smaller sized animals from the combination of all our client orders. If we don’t reach this minimum amount before the HAMM show, Reptile Express will refund each clients full amount.

Procedure for IMPORTING reptiles from the Germany HAMM Show

1) Contact us with your full name and Canadian address. From this we will determine if we service your area for delivery. If we do, proceed to step 2.

2) Provide us with the European shippers information listed below:

  • Full Name
  • Full European Address
  • Telephone Number
  • E-mail address

3) Provide us information regarding EACH of the reptile(s) being shipped:

  • Common Name
  • Scientific Name
  • EXACT quantity of animals being imported
  • EXACT sizes of the animal(s) involved
  • Captive bred or not
  • Monetary Value (EURO)

4) The Canadian customer will pay Reptile Express the minimum base fee of $100CAN as a deposit. This will reserve the Canadian client a spot in the group import, as space is limited and orders fill up fast. Should your order consist of more animals than what this base fee covers (mentioned in the table above), we will collect that amount shortly before import date.

5) We will co-ordinate with the European seller regarding drop off procedures at the HAMM expo. A few days after the show, the group order will be shipped to Toronto. Reptile Express will clear them at Canada Customs and professionally re-pack and re-ship to our Canadian clients doors. Clients that are local to our Toronto office may pick up their orders from us on the same date of the import at no additional charge.

Please note: For international shipping, we only accept E-Transfer, Money Order, and Cheques. No credit cards/PayPal, unless otherwise arranged.

Please note: Should the Canadian client decide to cancel their import request, the $100 deposit paid is non-refundable as we reserved those spots specifically for that client, and this would drastically mess up our other confirmed Canadian clients orders due to it being a consolidated group of people that chipped in to bring the import fees down. It’s simply not fair to the other confirmed importers or to us as the brokers.

The only time Reptile Express would refund client orders, would be if we weren’t able to reach the minimum group import amount. If that was the case, all clients would receive full reimbursements.







Reptile Express is not responsible for any spelling errors with regards to the animals common or scientific names, or any names provided to Reptile Express incorrectly. This is absolutely the clients responsibility. Please pay attention and don’t make mistakes. Reptile Express is not responsible for any sick animals, or animals carrying mites during transit. Make sure your animal(s) are 100% HEALTHY when shipping them.
Reptile Express is not responsible for any animal(s) being confiscated at Canada/Int’l Customs; or CFIA due to incorrect information given to Reptile Express by their Canadian or European clients. Should the import/export process be interrupted/cancelled/rejected at ANY time for whatever reason, by whichever client OR government body, Reptile Express assumes no liability over the value of the animal(s) being imported/exported, as well as the import/export fees already paid to Reptile Express.
Reptile Express does not guarantee live arrival of any animal(s) at any time for any reason. Our Live Arrival Guarantee noted on our Terms page does not apply to any international shipments. No import/shipping refunds or credits is offered or live animal insurance for any reason. Reptile Express at NO time ships venomous animals.
Reptile Express is not responsible for any tail drops by lizards such as crested/leopard geckos etc.
Reptile Express is not responsible for any death, illness or injury of any animal(s) while under our care.


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