Live Arrival Guarantee

We’re incredibly proud to offer our new shipping fee Money Back Guarantee!
How it works:
*The sellers below have been approved by our team in being experienced shippers with incredible live arrival stats. We allow these sellers to offer to their clients our shipping fee Money Back Guarantee add-on, whereby if there were any DOA’s (dead on arrivals) in their shipments, we would refund the full value of the shipping fee noted in their shipping quote (this does NOT include the animals value);

*A $9 shipping insurance MUST be purchased in order for your shipment to be insured for the shipping fee Money Back Guarantee. No questions. If this insurance is not bought, we do not under any circumstance whether weather related or carrier delay related provide shipping fee refunds. The insurance must also be bought BEFORE animal(s) ship.

*We must be notified of a DOA within 5hrs after time of delivery, otherwise this option is void. We will ask to see pictures/video;

How Do Sellers Qualify:
*Sellers must have a minimum of 10 successful winter shipments within a 2yr period;
*Sellers who drop off their animals at any of our ProPak! Centres immediately qualify since one of our team members will professionally pack and ship.
*We would then provide the seller with their Reptile Express “Live Animal Guarantee – Approved Seller” banner to place on their website or include it with their on-line ads should they desire;

***If you’re a seller that has had 10 successful winter shipments, OR directly drop off your animals to one of our ProPak! Centres, please reach out to us so that we can add you to the list below***

Here are our current qualified shippers (the list below is THE list. It is constantly updated and overwrites anything else mentioned on any other sellers website)!

Logo Breeder Specialty Location Contact Info
   Darren Hamill Reptiles Breeders of various boa, pythons, and colubrid species. Their collection includes True Red-tailed boas (Suriname), and Bolivian boas. The collection also includes several Boa c. imperator localities including Hog Isle, Caulker Cay, and Nicaraguan Boas.  Toronto, ON
 markusjayne  Markus Jayne Ball Pythons  Ball Pythons; Boa Constrictors and Western Hognoses  Peterborough, ON
 Red Hot Chili Dragons  Red Hot Chili Dragons  High End Bearded Dragon breeder specializing in extreme morphs such as reds, oranges, yellows, translucents and zeros.  Ottawa, ON
 henrypiorun  Henry Piorun Reptiles Ball Pythons; Boa Constrictors  Mission, BC
 The Reptile Wrangler The Reptile Wrangler  Pet store carrying a wide range of reptiles; amphibians and arachnids  Barrie, ON
 Nagy Reptiles  Nagy Reptiles  Boa Constrictors  London, ON
 Captive Creations Canada   Chameleons & Bearded Dragons  London, ON
 Monarch Reptiles  Pet store carrying a wide range of reptiles; amphibians and arachnids  Chateauguay, PQ
 Legend Boas Logo  Legend Boas  Boa Constrictors & Blood Pythons  Orangeville, ON
 ElevagesLisard_Logo_Dark_400px  Elevages Lisard  Canadian breeders specialized in Uromastyx, Chuckwallas and other desert-dwelling lizards  Montreal, PQ
 Crazy Colubrids  Crazy Colubrids  Corn Snakes  Lloydminster, SK
 Ch3rry’s Pythons  Ball Pythons  Guelph, ON
 CBC Turtles & Tortoises  Turtles & Tortoises  Ottawa, ON
 Slow N Steady Tortoises  Hermann & Russian Tortoises  Maritimes
 Chameleons Galore  Chameleons  Sooke, BC
 jessewilson  Jesse Wilson Ball Pythons  Ball Pythons  Ajax, ON
 Justin Morash  Rare lizards/snakes and their imports  Halifax, NS
 Mel’s Exotics  Blue Tongue Skinks  Winnipeg, MB
 C and C  C&C Tortoises  Red Foot Tortoises  Fort Erie, ON
 DNJ Pythons  Ball Pythons  Scarborough, ON
 Dan Currant  Ball Pythons  Ontario
 chamcanada  Chameleons Canada  Specializing in Chameleons & Madagascar Imports  Markham, ON
Captive Dragons Canada  Bearded Dragons  North York, ON  (416) 526-8289
 12096502_1068941796450446_6143889347721566701_n  Reptile Edge  Leachianus, Crested & Chahoua Geckos  GTA, Ontario
 All Reptiles  All Reptiles  Pet store carrying a wide range of reptiles; amphibians and arachnids  Scarborough, ON
 ReptilesRuS_Transp  Reptiles R Us  Leachianus, Crested & Chahoua Geckos  Ajax, ON
 Homestead Geckos  Homestead Geckos  Leachianus, Crested & Chahoua Geckos  Bowmanville, ON
 Gel Reptiles  Ball Pythons  Toronto, ON
 10357643_971374902889435_8528949817534809795_o  Boas 4 You  Boa Constrictors  GTA, Ontario
 Roy Stockwell  Sand Boas (including Nuclear)  Oakville, ON
 Heckbert Reptiles  Heckbert Reptiles  Boa Constrictors & Ball Pythons  Charlottetown, PEI
 SHE Reptiles  SHE Reptiles  Ball Pythons  Durham Region, ON