Meet the Team

Sam Fard (Founder & Head of International Orders)

Richmond Hill, ON.

Sam has been involved in the reptile industry since 2001 when he started off as a collector, turned breeder, turned reptile specialty store owner, to present day – reptile & aquatics logistics provider where his true passion is. In 2009, he realized that there had been no advancements when it came to live logistics providers even though times and technology had greatly evolved. He took it upon himself to join his two ultimate passions together – animals and logistics to start off his new venture, Reptile Express and he hasn’t looked back since.
Sam continues to bring new ideas to the table year after year, including international imports & exports in order to make the whole process easier for avid collectors and breeders around the globe.
There’s much to be excited about in the near future as Reptile Express continues to grow with the help of their exceptional clients. When clients use their services, they are also investing in the future of live logistics, as Reptile Express constantly puts money back into their business to offer new options to constantly be up to date with today’s times.

Ashley Tam (Marketing & Social Platform)

Ottawa, ON.

Ashley’s been the graphic and promotional mastermind behind Reptile Express and even prior, when we ran Reptile Kings. We’ve had the pleasure of working with her on dozens of different projects for 10 incredible years. There’s nothing she can’t do and is always up for any challenges we bring her. She’s an enormous part of Reptile Express and helps keep our image professional and clean.
The talent she brings to the table is mind blowing. She’s not only created a handful of different site designs for us over the years due to us growing and offering new service options as well to help keep things fresh, but she also helps keep our Facebook page active, as well as helped put together and fully design our incredible app (available on iOS and Android). We look forward to another decade with you Ashley, thank you!

James Jones (Trade Show Logistical Planner & Dry Goods Shipping)

Toronto, ON.

James started off as a client of ours when we ran our previous shop, Reptile Kings back in 2006. Sam and James became close friends soon after. Just as Ashley brings graphic and design talent with her, James brings hands on talent. He has helped us build many great instruments in our shipping room that aids us in a speedy turn around time of sending out supplies and prepping animals for shipping. His talents were very visible when he created our popular “Tiki Hut” theme when we owned Reptile Kings and attended the reptile expos. It certainly was a sight to see! The numerous hours he put in, and even more, the days of no sleep he constantly put in to further our projects will never be forgotten! What a great asset to our team, thank you James!

Krystin Cain (Client Services & Domestic Canada Quotations)

Thunder Bay, ON.

Krystin started off as a client of Reptile Express back in 2012/13 and soon after became a good friend of Sam’s. We added her to our team on January 2015. Her passion for reptiles is incredible as she doesn’t limit herself to a certain species but has a wide array of them in her collection. Her knowledge of them is a great asset to add to our team. She also brings with her a set of talent, very hard to find in most candidates, and that is the ability to be extremely tech savvy. We aim to be very in tune with these tech times and so her quick learning abilities are certainly a huge advantage. She’s also introduced us to some time saving tech techniques and programs as well! Krystin types at light speed on the keyboard, which is an enormous bonus as we have a ton of quotes and emails to go through daily. Welcome to the team, Krystin! Here’s to several, fruitful years working together!