Combine shipping with one box

Did you Know?: That the quotes we provide aren’t based on the number of animals involved, but the box size? This is super beneficial as you can have as many reptiles in a box as long as they comfortably fit, and all for the same shipping price!
For Example: You can ship 4-6 ball pythons around 200gr/each all into Kit#1 (12x9x6″) and for the same shipping price as if you paid to ship only 1 baby ball python.
Our shopping cart page describes how many deli cups or cloth bags can fit into each of our kits. This is a great tool to use! Up-sell more animals to your clients by letting them know that the shipping price wouldn’t change.

Shipping Tip: You can fit more animals into a box when cloth bags are used as they take up much less space than deli containers.

Save on Your Next Shipment!

If you’re shipping outside of your province and your quote isn’t as low as the one we just did for a regular client of ours (attached), then you’re unfortunately not taking advantage of all the ways we offer savings.

Tip 1: Order shipping supplies in bulk (you know you’ll be using them eventually anyway). This brings down the UPS freight fee of shipping all the kits to you at the same time. Check out the attached file to see examples of the HUGE savings to be had!
Kit Bundles:…/shipping-kit-bundles

Tip 2: If you send in a quote request, and are a member on our FB page, mention it. You’ll receive 5% off the freight fee. That’s a minimum savings of $4.33 per quote;

Shipper clients of ours that know how to take advantage of all the savings we offer, are high volume shippers for a reason. Their rates are constantly low, and as such their buyer clients have no problem paying the shipping fee.

Ordering a kit each time you want to ship to a client, doesn’t make sense economically. Especially if you ship out every week or two. You’d be paying much more on your shipments than you’d really need to.


Save using our 5% Discount!

Save by buying shipping kit bundles

Save by buying shipping kit bundles