Scam Alert

[CANADA/USA SCAM ALERT 2017-CURRENT]: Blane Ranger / Eye Win / Exotic Scales International. Tens of thousands of dollars have been defrauded by this individual across North America. He says he’s an importer and offers terrific pricing on animals but does not deliver.
For full details of victim experiences please CLICK HERE

[CAMEROON SCAM ALERT]: We have been notified of scammers out in Cameroon as it appears, to be using our Reptile Express logo/banners/images as well as testimonials in the body of the emails they are sending out to their potential buyers/victims. They have also used logos/banners from ShipYourReptiles a service similar to ours in the U.S.

Their technique is the following:
*They will use a fake name (in this case Mary Jane) and place an online ad (ie Kijiji) for reptile(s) they’re selling (so far it’s mostly been piebald bp’s);
*Once they have a potential buyer, this person will tell them that they will be using Reptile Express to ship their animals;
*They will instruct their potential buyer to forward the animals value to Reptile Express, where it will be held in trust until the animals arrive. Once the animals arrive, the funds will be released to the seller by Reptile Express;
*They will let their potential buyer know that they’ll be contacted by Reptile Express shortly in order to provide payment details.

For now keep in mind our ONLY email address is: Anything else is a fake! Do not forward any monies to any other address.

Here is the following email scam that was sent: