Non-CITES: USA to Canada

Prohibited Animals for Importation through Reptile Express: *ESA listed species;
*INJ (injurious wildlife): Brown Tree Snake (boiga irregularis);
*Venomous animals
Some animals that fall under Non-CITES listed, which are permitted for importation:
*Leopard/Crested/Fat-Tailed/Knob Tailed Geckos; Bearded Dragons; Corn/Rat Snakes/Western Hognose Snakes (most colubrids); Several species of frogs such as Horned Frogs, Vietnamese Mossy Frog etc



Import Fees for Consolidated Group Orders!
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Inspection Fee Fee to have a USF&W inspector clear the Non-CITES wildlife for export out of the U.S. Due to the consolidated group orders, we’ve included a small part of this inspection fee as part of our Reptile Express broker fee below.
Reptile Express Broker Fee Our fee for co-ordinating with the US seller and Canadian buyer; Going through USF&W inspections and filling out the 3-177 wildlife declaration form, as well as clearing Canada Customs and filling out the B3 form. The use of our I/E License. For ONE Animal: $125
For TWO Animals: $150
For 3 to UNLIMITED animals: $250

(For each additional U.S. source pay only $60 extra per source for unlimited animals!)

Canada Customs & Shipping Fees We will pay your 5% GST tax on your behalf to Canada Customs on the same day of import.
US & Canadian shipping fees also apply.
5% GST on the total declared value of your order +
US shipping fee to our NY office (zip code: 14092)+
Canadian shipping fee to your door (free if you’re local in Toronto and picking up at our office)
Import Dates and Terms Wednesday March 28th – Completed!
Wednesday April 25th – Completed!
Wednesday May 30th – Completed!
Wednesday June 27th – Completed!
Wednesday July 25th – Completed!
Wednesday August 22nd – Completed!
Wednesday September 19th – Reserve today!
Wednesday October 31st – Reserve today!
Wednesday November 28th – Reserve today!
Wednesday December 12th – Reserve today! (last one of the year until end of March 2019)

**The above is in Canadian currency

Canada Customs & US + CAN Shipping Fees Explanation:

* The Canadian buyer and the US seller deal with the payment of this directly as we have no part in this step;
* Shipping the live parcel to you door within Canada from our Toronto office is extra
* Tax (5% GST) on the total declared valued (based on commercial invoice) will be handled on your behalf through us

Keep in mind that if you’re local to our Toronto or York Region locations that you can always pick up Tuesday evenings and avoid the Canadian shipping charge.

Procedure for IMPORTING reptiles from the USA

1) Contact us with your full name and Canadian address. From this we will determine if we service your area for delivery. If we do, proceed to step 2.

2) Provide us with the U.S. shippers information listed below:

  • Full Name
  • Full U.S. Address
  • Telephone Number
  • E-mail address

3) Provide us information regarding EACH of the reptile(s) being shipped:

  • Common Name
  • Scientific Name (Be accurate. Watch your spelling!)
  • EXACT quantity of animals being shipped
  • Captive bred or not
  • Monetary Value ($USD)
  • Number of boxes containing reptiles the shipper will be using

4) We will let your U.S. contact know which U.S. address to ship to and will recommend which courier to use.

5) The Canadian customer will pay Reptile Express our Non-CITES import and inspection fees as well as the taxes on the total declared value (5%) in advance. The shipping fee from our Toronto location to your Canadian address will be pre-paid as well.

Please note: For international shipping, we only accept E-Transfer, Money Order, and Cheques. No credit cards/PayPal, unless otherwise arranged.

6) The U.S. shipper MUST provide a professional receipt within the package making note of each reptiles common & scientific names, as well as their monetary value. This is extremely important information to have when we enter Canadian customs. If this is not provided, we will send the shipment back to the sender at the senders expense.

7) The U.S. shipper will ship the package off on Monday or Tuesday evenings ONLY. They will purchase a FedEx Priority Overnight (Before 10:30am) Service only. We will not accept any packages arriving after 12pm as that’s the time we need to go through USF&W inspections. We are not responsible for any shipments arriving after 12pm.

8) We pick up packages up at our U.S. location on Wednesday mornings ONLY, and are back in Mississauga, ON, Canada around 4pm.

9A) If you’re local to the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), you can pick up your package(s) Wednesday late afternoon after 5pm at no extra charge.

9B) OR if you’re not local to us, we will then immediately ship out your package to your Canadian address at 7pm on the same evening of the import. You will receive your package before 5pm the following day (Thursday), with many areas receiving them before noon.

To sum it up our procedure from start to finish is outlined below:

Your U.S contact will drop the package off in the evening at their closest shipping hub and will purchase FedEx Priority Overnight only. They may also ship on Monday to give a 1 day buffer in case of any FedEx delays.

Reptile Express will pick up the package Wednesday morning at our U.S. location.
Reptile Express will have gone through USFWS inspections and Canadian customs in the early afternoon.
Reptile Express will be back at our Toronto location by around 4pm.
Reptile Express will ship out all packages immediately once we’re back onto Canadian soil to expedite the process.


You will receive your shipment today! Delivery to your door is between 9am – 5pm. Most often before noon. Somebody must be home to accept the package.



Reptile Express is not responsible for any spelling errors with regards to the animals common or scientific names, or any names provided to Reptile Express incorrectly. This is absolutely the clients responsibility. Please pay attention and don’t make mistakes. Misrepresenting the declared value of your order (to pay less taxes) may get your order confiscated, fined or whatever the regulatory body seems fit to do. Do not try to be sneaky! We assume no liability or expense if this happens with your order. If we get fined, we will in turn fine our client before we release their shipment.
Reptile Express is not responsible for any animal(s) being confiscated at the border by USFWS; CBSA or CFIA due to incorrect information given to Reptile Express by their Canadian or U.S. clients. Should the import/export process be interrupted/cancelled/rejected at ANY time for whatever reason, by whichever client OR government body, Reptile Express assumes no liability over the value of the animal(s) being imported/exported, as well as the import/export fees already paid to Reptile Express.
Reptile Express does not guarantee live arrival of any animal(s) at any time for any reason. Our Live Arrival Guarantee noted on our Terms page does not apply to any international shipments. Reptile Express at NO time ships venomous animals.
Reptile Express is not responsible for any tail drops by lizards such as crested/leopard geckos etc. Reptile Express is not responsible for any sick animals, or animals carrying mites during transit. Make sure your animal(s) are 100% HEALTHY when shipping them.
Reptile Express is not responsible for any death, illness or injury of any animal(s) while under our care.
Violation Fees and Return of Shipments:
If any changes are needed to the animals involved in the order/invoice (quantity of animals or species involved) after we have already filled the paperwork, there will be an additional $50 charge for our time to re-edit that information, each time that it is required. This applies to Non-CITES orders only.
For CITES shipments, ONLY the QUANTITY of the animals can be edited and nothing else. This fee is $50 as well/change.
The U.S. shipper must use an insulated box to transport their animal(s). A bare cardboard box is in violation of IATA Live Animal Transport. We will have that shipment returned to the U.S. shipper at their cost, as we will not bring it into wildlife inspections with us due to the violation.
No monies will be refunded for any amounts paid for the import/export process. The U.S. shipper can re-ship at a later date with corrections made to the box with a $100 extra charge for us to resume that shipment again.
If we are not notified of the changes to the paperwork prior to the inspection in the U.S. there’d be a $75 violation fee for Non-CITES shipments and $150 for CITES shipments before we release the animals to the Canadian client. This fee will be paid to us via the Canadian client. These fees cover our extra time in re-doing and re-submitting the paperwork. They’re very time consuming. If the U.S. shipper is using containers to contain the animals during transport, then the containers must have an appropriate amount of holes for air circulation. Without holes it’s an IATA Live Animal Transport violation. We will NOT bring this shipment into wildlife inspections due to this violation, and will simply send the shipment back to the U.S. shipper at their cost.
No monies will be refunded for any amounts paid for the import/export process. The U.S. shipper can re-ship at a later date with corrections made to the container(s) with a $100 extra charge for us to resume that shipment again.

The reasoning behind putting these violation fees in place is due to a couple circumstances where clients have not notified us regarding important invoice changes, and we were caught off guard at the very last minute during inspections. This is not good as it results in a much longer inspection process. These fees are now in place and will be enforced in order to bring our clients into compliance to result in a smooth importing/exporting process.
There have also been a couple circumstances where holes were not present on containers, as well as bare cardboard boxes with no insulation were used. We can’t have that, as it’s an enormous violation.

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